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Donnerstag, 1 Oktober, 2020 - 09:30

De Charles Goerens organiséiert den 1. Oktober um 9:30 Auer zesumme mat der Europadeputéiert Claudia Gamon e Webinar zu de Superspreader zu Ischgl.

De Link zum Webinar ass de folgenden.

“Not another Ischgl.” It is a phrase that has become familiar ever since the small ski-resort in Austria became known as “ground zero” of the coronavirus in Europe. From the small Austrian town famous for its slopes and after-ski parties, the virus was catapulted all across Europe, thus accelerating the propagation of Covid-19 in the EU. Between January and March 2020, over 10.000 EU citizens were directly infected in Ischgl. 28 people died.

While Ischgl is surely the best known “superspreader-location” it is by far the only one. And although researchers may still be probing the propagation of Covid19, evidence suggest that such locations have a strong impact on the course and severity of the pandemic.

How did Ischgl become such a significant accelerator? And how can such a scenario be prevented in the future?

Together with journalists, researchers and health officials, we aim at:
1. investigating what went wrong in Ischgl and better understanding such super-spreader locations
2. drawing conclusions from the events in Ischgl to be able to contain such cross-border health-threats more effectively in the future
If we can (re)act more coherently and efficiently to superspreaders, we may be able avoid “yet another Ischgl”.

Hosted by MEP Charles Goerens, Coordinator on the Committee on Development and MEP Claudia Gamon